Shireen Shawqi is authentic and professional Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist, internationally certified Life Coach and Trainer. She provides coaching and training services to individuals and organizations in business psychology and communication skills with a focus on individual life coaching and group coaching, aiming at achieving evolution as a lifestyle. Shireen is a member of the Egyptian Society for Psychological Analysts, a member of the Association of Psychologists. She has been hosted as a speaker in different events, as well as in different television programs.

Work Experience

Independent Psychotherapist and Life Coach (2005 – present)

  • Developing and implementing treatment plans for clients while encouraging them to articulate their feelings and discussing their lives issues.
  • Helping clients to develop insight into themselves and their relationships.
  • Helping clients to resolve emergencies, crises and to recover from trauma

Certifications and Training

  • Ain Shams University
    Score: 550
  • Dr. Alaa Farghaly CLINIC
    Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Egyptian Psychologist Association – E.P.A
    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression
    Ethics for the Professional Practice of Psychological Processor
    Tactics and Psychological Counseling Skills
    Addiction Treatment Methods
  • BioGeometry – Dr. Ibrahim Karim Training Center
    Certified BioGeometry Designer
    Energy-Quality Balancing and Measurement.
    BioSignatures and Design Principles.
    BioGeometry Energy Systems LTD.
    Certified Practitioner
  • Lucid Training
    Practitioner Time Line Therapy TrainingCertified Hypnotherapist
    “Approved by the American Board of Hypnotherapy”
    Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    Create Dour Life and Fire Walking Event
  • World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc.Grand Master Choa Kok Sui
    Basic Pranic Healing
    Advanced Pranic Healing
    Pranic Crystal Healing
    Pranic Psychotherapy
  • International Society of Neuro-Semantics – ISNS
    Meta-States IntroductionMeta-States Practitioner
  • Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services – CEOSS
    Crisis management skills to strengthen social