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SA Brand

SA Consultancy is a business development firm centered on eliciting inherent individual traits, crystallize and deploy them in achieving personal excellence and enhancing the quality of life through providing a variety of consultancy services and solutions.


SA is the first representative of EunoiaLeadership, Sweden; the unique innovative assessment tool that measures leadership competencies and organizational culture for self-development and recommendations for customized solutions.


SA provides customized personal, professional and organizational development solutions in the form of assessment, coaching, experiential training and business consultation.


Everyone’s personality is a sole original with unlike characteristics compared to anyone else

Trust & Respect
We establish long-term partnerships based on honesty and loyalty

We assure confidence and self-assurance based on knowledge and experience

In addition to continuous education and training, people should adhere to code of conduct and ethics

We believe in committing to certain standards to assurance consistency and satisfy customers’ requirements

We strive for excellence through people’s added values

We build up credibility based on expertise and keeping our word

We ensure sustainability as a humanity target goal through efficient productivity, creativity, and innovation


Create a culture of human and professional excellence, reinforcing personal construct, positive attitude and self-ownership, and remodeling working style towards a sustained performance efficacy and improved quality of life.


– Helping people increase self-awareness to make their best choices during life journey

– Improving personal competencies to raise life quality

– Developing professional skills to raise quality and productivity

– Promoting well-mannered and self-disciplined behaviors

– Developing sense of responsibility, teamwork, and win-win-win concept

– Exploring success potential that triggers career promotion spirit

– Building up the capacity of researchers and entrepreneurs

– Developing leaders at all levels to achieve business results and growth

– Fulfilling social responsibility by being a valued intellectual asset to our country

Services & Solutions

SA Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

We provide one-on-one life coaching sessions to individual by using advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ (TLT). Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Semantics that help them quit bad habits, let go stress and negative emotions, set future goals to achieve life Balance and enhance their personal quality and lifestyle.

SA Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers

We conduct assessment centers and coaching programs for managers and leaders by using EunoiaLeadership methodology. EunoiaLeadership targets developing leadership quality at the managerial level. It tackles real life problems. We conduct Organizational Culture & Behavior Assessment to come out with recommendations and customized solutions for the organization.

SA Skills Development

Skills Development

We provide training and development consultancy services to corporate organizations starting from training needs assessment to Soft Skills training. Our training delivery style is experiential more than lecturing or theoretical. It occupies 70% practical and 30% theoretical. This style depends on open discussions, role-plays, sharing real work experiences and life stories.

SA Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

We provide a variety of healthcare management consultations at personal and organization’s levels, including governance, quality, business outcomes and staff performance. We help healthcare professionals satisfy career development requirements through providing customized continuing professional development activities.

The Awesome Team of Experts

Our awesome expert team members are carefully selected for their qualifications and talents. Each team member is well-known for their specialty and experience. They are knowledgeable with academic high credentials and wide work experience with reputable organizations worldwide.


Personal Skills

Stress Management & Self Discovery

Consultants: Salwa Afifi & Dr. Shireen Shawqi
3-5 Days

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

Consultants: Salwa Afifi & Dr. Shirene Shawqi
2-5 Days
Professional & Productivity Skills

Business Etiquette & Ethics

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
3-5 Days

Total Quality Management

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3-5 Days

Time Management

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
3-5 Days

Planning & Organizing

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3-5 Days

Business, Report & Proposal Writing

Consultants: Salwa Afifi & Dr. Raouf Afifi
3-5 Days

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3-5 Days
Interpersonal Skills

Communication & Active Listening

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
3-5 Days

Presentation & Public Speaking

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
3-5 Days
Influencing & Creativity Skills

Negotiation & Persuasion

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
5 Days

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
5 Days

Creativity & Innovation

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
2-5 Days
Management & Leadership

Assessment Center

Consultants: Ahmed Maher, Salwa Afifi & Dr. Raouf Afifi
8 Days

Coaching for Leaders & Managers

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
5 Days

The Talent Manager

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
5 Days

Change Management

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
5 Days

Crisis Management

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
5 Days

Strategic Planning

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
5 Days

Team Dynamics & Team Building

Consultant: Salwa Afifi
1-2 Days
Research & Development

Strategic Planning for Healthcare Managers

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3 Days

Writing Research Proposal

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3 Days

How to Conduct Market Research

Consultant: Dr. Raouf Afifi
3 Days

Success Partners

Clientele & Target Groups

Potential Clients

  • Intermediate employees
  • Middle-management staff
  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Executives
  • Individuals
  • Women

Target Sectors

  • Petroleum
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Private Enterprises
  • Public Organizations


  • Egypt
  • Africa
  • GCC
  • Europe
  • U.S.A


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